Restoration Terms of Service

For purposes of this agreement, the individual entering in a transaction by purchasing Bible Restoration Services (BUYER) will be entering an agreement with NARROW GATE TRADING CO., LLC (NG LEATHER).



Neither party shall be liable to the other party for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages from loss of or damage to property. BUYER will hold NG LEATHER harmless indefinitely from the initiation of this agreement at time of purchase.

NG LEATHER will be completely released from liability in order to perform the services requested. 



By entering into this agreement, BUYER agrees to correctly and honestly represent their property (Bible) in size and format. NG LEATHER reserves the right to re-size the Bible and request additional funds to complete the service as necessary.



NG LEATHER agrees to perform specific services within the scope of this agreement. These services include but are not limited to 1) Deconstruction of property 2)repair of pages 3) attachment of ribbons 4) attachment of new full grain leather 5)attachment of end sheets 6) personalization if requested by way of laser engraving or other method.



NG LEATHER reserves the right to refuse service based on the condition of property submitted by BUYER. Reasons for refusal include but are not limited to,

  1. Extent of damage
  2. Missing pages or overly tattered pages
  3. Size of property (cannot be greater than 2.5 in in thickness)
  4. Historical significance of property
  5. Personal significance of property
  6. Non-Christian texts. We only accept Christian texts at this time.

If product is refused by NG LEATHER, we will do so in writing and will return property to BUYER.  NG LEATHER will refund the order less any shipping or handling costs deemed reasonable at the discretion of NG LEATHER.



BUYER will be responsible to ship the property to be restored to NG LEATHER within 30 days of ordering.  NG LEATHER will complete services within 30 days of receiving the property.  As part of the purchase agreement, NG LEATHER will repackage and ship property back to BUYER within the terms defined in the SHIPPING POLICY.