Bible Restoration Order Process

Thank you for ordering Bible restoration services from Narrow Gate Leather! We're excited to get to work on your cherished Bible.

Next Steps

Print your Order Confirmation.

You will include this in the box when you mail your Bible to us.

Box-up your Bible

Package your bible in a small box, securing it so that it will not move around during shipment.

Include the order confirmation inside the box!

Please do not use envelopes or poly mailer bags to package your Bible (unless they are used in addition to a box).

Mail It!

*Please send your Bible to:

Narrow Gate Leather
Attn: Bible Restorations
STE 110
Franklin, TN 37064

*NOTE: you will be responsible for the cost to mail your Bible to us. We will cover the cost to repackage and mail back to you after the restoration is complete!

Wait for a Confirmation Email

Once our team receives your Bible, we will send you a confirmation email indicating that it is received and scheduled for restoration.

Bible Complete

Within 30 days, we will restore and repackage your Bible to be sent back to you.

We will send it to the address used in the order confirmation unless you specify otherwise.

Need a bit more help? Contact Us and we would be glad to assist.