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Where It All Began

All good stories have a really good beginning. Something that sparked the fire and became the driving force of the rest of the story. When it comes to Narrow Gate Trading Company, we have a beginning like that. We talk often about how your purchase matters. When you purchase anything from us – a leather bible cover, a cutting board, a journal – you are not just receiving something you paid for, but you are investing in the lives of the young men at the Narrow Gate Foundation. What is the Narrow Gate Foundation? Well, this is where our story begins.

In 2004 God started a work in two incredible people, Bill and Stacy Spencer, as they opened their three bedroom home to two young men named Rob Rogers and Adam Stoner. Adam and Rob were 19 years-old at the time and were intensely seeking direction for their lives. While living with the Spencers and being discipled in God’s Word daily, Adam and Rob shared their dream of wanting to start a wilderness program to help other guys just like them. 

“We wanted to create something for guys like us who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. We had both tried college right out of high school and it was an enormous failure for us both. We didn’t know how to get started, so we asked Bill and Stacy to help. From then on our dream just grew until it became a reality.”

Adam Stoner

“I didn’t know anything about God until Bill and Stacy invited me into their home. I was just glad to find a safe place to land that wasn’t my parents house. While living together, I watched how they interacted, and I wanted the peace they displayed. I became more interested in knowing about the “God” they talked about so often and it wasn’t long before I asked Christ into my life. Since then my life has been radically changed.”

Rob Rogers

By the end of 2004, Bill and Stacy had seven young men living in that three bedroom, two bath house and they realized that God was really up to something special. In time, faithful friends supported the Spencers in establishing a non-profit organization and Narrow Gate Foundation was born! Since the doors opened 15 years ago, over 400 young men have experienced life transformation and the discovery of Truth.

In 2013, Narrow Gate Trading Company was born to employ Narrow Gate students and graduates – engaging them in business enterprise and craftsmanship. Now, almost 6 years later, we are continuing to grow in our skills and make disciples in the marketplace.

When you purchase from us, a portion of our proceeds goes to help support and fund the Narrow Gate Foundation. This is the story that you are entering into – something that is bigger than yourself.

Not only does NGTC employ Narrow Gate Lodge graduates, we also connect the Narrow Gate students weekly. Each week, we have a group of guys who are in the final phase of their experience at Narrow Gate come down to our wood shop and leather shop, and teach them the trade! We love having the extra helping hands, and that we get to share our skills and raise up the next generation in woodworking and leather-working skills.

We are grateful for the story of Narrow Gate and how God has ordained all of this from the very beginning. What we have learned from this journey is that He always has plans for us that are even greater than the plans we set for ourselves. We serve a good Father who has good intentions for us, and wants to use us in ways we never could have imagined.

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