Notes on the Book of Ruth


Discover How You are Completely Accepted, Deeply loved, and Redeemed by God


At Narrow Gate, we’re fond of saying, “Discovered truth is always more powerful than delivered truth.” Here’s your chance to discover Truth from the Book of Ruth that you can carry in your soul and share with others for the rest of your life. When that happens, you’ll begin to notice how the words of God migrate into your daily conversations. They will become a compass of unchanging Truth that will help you navigate the journey of our days from now until we see God face to face.
The notes contained in this book are designed to get you to think and talk with God about his timeless and perfect expression of love toward you. It’s not for you to learn what someone else thinks or knows; it’s for you to record what you think and know on the journal pages provided. And in the process, you’ll not only be inspired, you’ll be changed into a vessel of loving compassion with a heart to help rescue and see others transformed.

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