Notes on Culture and Context


Discover the World and Teachings of Jesus as Rabbi

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Are you curious or confused about why Jesus ministered the way He did? Join Bill Spencer in a journey of discovery that every Narrow Gate student experiences. You’ll be introduced to a new world of insight and understanding that will transform how you see Jesus and His teachings.

When you understand the background and cultural settings, you’ll come away with a richer, fuller picture of Jesus and His ministry. It will deepen your perspective on His words and actions as a Jewish Rabbi, as well as an eternal Savior. Allow your picture of the gospel to take shape in a way that fosters the same loving compassion that Jesus had for everyone He encountered.

The unique format of this book allows you to keep your heart tuned to the things that God is saying to you. Record your journey in the pages provided, and and see His life and your life with a new level of clarity and purpose.

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