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Stories of Life Transformation from Narrow Gate

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The stories found within these pages are the experiences of young men who had nothing in common, yet everything in common. They came from big cities and small towns – from affluent suburbs and agrarian communities. They were star students and flunk outs, athletes and gamers, partiers and loners. Some were on a downward spiral. Some had hit rock bottom. Others were excelling in the world’s eyes. All were searching for direction. They knew there was something more.

Each one’s search led him to the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee and down a long country road to a place called Narrow Gate Lodge. This book is not a how-to guide. It won’t give you three tips for a purpose-filled life. It will introduce you to 20 real men and give you a front seat on their journeys as they find what they are looking for. And it might even nudge you to begin your own quest.

Here’s the deal: Knowing who you are and why you’re here is possible. And once you know, you can live life authentically, as the person you were created to be. Narrow Gate is not the source of those answers, but it creates a space where those answers can be found. Our hope is not so much that you learn from these stories as that they inspire you – and those you love – to discover a life that matters.

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