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Kenny Bowling 40 Under 40: Raising Up The Next Generation Of Woodworkers


We are SO excited to announce that our very own Kenny Bowling has been named one of Woodworking Networks 2020 40 Under 40 Honorees! All honorees were selected because of their accomplishments in productivity, profitability, social good, ingenuity, innovation, peer inspiration, product development, and organizational leadership and we believe this award couldn’t be more fitting for Kenny and his work here at TN Box Beams.

If you didn’t know, TN Box Beams is a division of Narrow Gate Trading Co. where our craftsman and Narrow Gate graduates build home solutions for builders and homeowners across the country such as box beams, corbels, floating shelves, as well as mantels. Kenny has lead this company from the beginning and has made a huge impact.

Kenny’s work transforms homes through TN Box Beams. The hand-crafted, real wood beams add warmth and beauty to any space, creating the perfect backdrop for gathering with family and friends. But, his work also literally transforms lives. TN Box Beams helps to fund the work of nonprofit Narrow Gate and its initiatives Narrow Gate Lodge and Narrow Gate Exchange. Narrow Gate Lodge helps young men who are searching for direction. Narrow Gate Exchange equips young men in economically disadvantaged countries around the globe to start and operate sustainable businesses that bring economy and hope to their struggling communities.


Most importantly, Kenny is motivated by his love for Jesus Christ. Everything he does flows out of that. He values people over profit. It is because of this that he’s committed to providing world-class products, and the quality of his products, coupled with exceptional service, has resulted in more and more customers and purchases even given the challenges we have all faced this year alone.


In addition to building successful businesses and careers, the Class of 2020 was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest challenge most of us have ever faced. I applaud this year’s honorees for their ability to keep their companies moving forward in the toughest of times while dedicating themselves to their communities and public causes. These are outstanding women and men who paint a bright future for our industry.”

-Harry Urban. Publisher


Not only are we celebrating Kenny in this season for such a huge accomplishment, but we are also looking back to reflect on another special person in our family who has been named a 40 Under 40 Honoree, Mullin Green, who is also a Narrow Gate Graduate.

Mullin was named a 40 Under 40 Honoree by the Woodworking Network last year after being recognized for his investment in Narrow Gate Exchange and helping raise up the next generation of woodworkers like himself. Here’s a little peek into Mullin’s story:


Three years ago, Mullin Green almost threw his life away—but today the 22-year-old is investing his life in the lives of others–and helping them discover a life that matters.

“When I was born, my grandfather decided to do birthday gifts different than most grandparents. Every Christmas, he gave me a different tool. My first Christmas in 1997, he gave me a screwdriver with my name inscribed on it. Of course, when I was a kid, I didn’t appreciate it very much. I wanted a remote control car and I got a ratchet set. I was not very appreciative at the time. When I graduated from high school, my grandfather gave me a 4-foot tall tool chest that he had made for me out of cherry wood. I didn’t really know what to do with all the tools he gave me.”


After high school, Mullin struggled to find his purpose and identity and felt lost in feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression while trying to pursue a degree at UT. It was at this time that his therapist recommended Narrow Gate. He applied for the program and was headed there by the next week.


“After 8 months, I graduated from Narrow Gate in June of 2018 and began interning there for Narrow Gate Exchange. It wasn’t until I began the internship that I began to realize what the tools are for. God has been equipping me through my grandfather’s gifts all those years. After completing the internship, Narrow Gate hired me as Wood Shop Coordinator.”


As a student at Narrow Gate, Mullin found his identity, passion and purpose. He experienced healing as he worked with his hands in Narrow Gate’s artisan education program. As he transformed raw materials into objects of beauty and usefulness, he realized similar transformation was happening in his life. For Mullin, the answer is no longer throwing his life away—it’s giving his life away. It’s paying it forward. It’s using the tools he’s received to build a better life for others.


And this is why we celebrate our 40 Under 40 Honoree, Kenny Bowling, for being committed to not only excellence in everything he does, but also for his passion for helping build a better life for others and a kingdom culture within our company.


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