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Author John Eldredge Selects NGTC For Special Project

Got a minute to hear a true God-story? For the past 14 years, a rite of passage has been happening at Narrow Gate Lodge thanks to author John Eldredge….and just a few months ago, the pieces all came together for our paths to cross again with the man himself.

Since it’s beginning, Narrow Gate has used the book Wild at Heart, written by John Eldredge, as a central part of our ‘Service Level Experience’. The ‘Service Level’ is what we call the last 6-8 weeks of a young man’s time of discipleship at Narrow Gate Lodge. During that time, each young man listens to or reads the book Wild at Heart. It’s a powerful time of God speaking to our guys about passion, sacrifice, courage and manhood. It’s a pivotal point for most. The book challenges young men to rise up and discover a life lived with an adventurous and sometimes dangerous God.

So for 14 years, each young man has read and/or listened to this book as part of their discipleship training at Narrow Gate Lodge…it’s just a part of our DNA.

A few months ago, the NG Graduates who work at Narrow Gate Trading Co. got the opportunity to cross paths with John and his influential work again – this time by being asked to hand-craft leather journals for John’s ministry known as Ransomed Heart.

“For a long time, we’ve been wanting to offer a rugged leather journal for our allies,” writes Allen Arnold, Director of Content & Resources at Ransomed Heart Ministries. “We knew it needed to be custom – and significant. We talked to many potential partners, but no one seemed to fully grasp who we were or what we wanted until we spoke to Narrow Gate Trading Co.. Phil, Andy, and the entire team caught the vision and spoke the same language. From the hand-crafted leather to the custom inserts, they made our dream into a realityAnd to know that part of the proceeds from every journal goes back into Narrow Gate’s ministry for young men…that makes it an even more beautiful story.”

“A journal isn’t a diary or simply a place to capture the things that fill your days. A journal holds a far deeper invitation. It is sacred space. The custom leather journals that Narrow Gate hand-crafted for Ransomed Heart were created specifically for that purpose – to provide a place to process, pray, dream, explore, and listen with God.” – John Eldredge

Imagine – young men who have been impacted by John’s book are now able to craft leather journals for others to use on their own spiritual journey!! Only God could arrange that!

Click here to see the Ransomed Heart Leather Journal

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