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An NGTC Testimony: Andy Murphree

We have loved connecting with former Narrow Gate graduates who have spent some time with us at Narrow Gate Trading Company, following up with them and learning about how God worked through our company to prepare them for their next step in life. Today we’re interviewing Andy Murphree, who graduated from Narrow Gate in October of 2016 and then transitioned to working with us for 2 ½ years. We hope by reading his experience, that you are encouraged.


Q: Why did you want to work at Narrow Gate Trading Company?

A: I wanted to work in an environment where Jesus was the center of it all. I had just finished my 8 months at Narrow Gate and wanted to continue to surround myself with those committed to Him as I grew in my knowledge and understanding. I also got really excited about learning a trade and working with my hands.


Q: Is there one key lesson that you feel like you learned at Narrow Gate Trading Company that helps you in your current position today? 

A: The importance of communication, even over-communication. As well as talking proactively in the workplace when things arise.


Q: What is your current job position and how are you able to live out your faith at work everyday? 

A: I work in the mail room at Community Health System. I have my bible on my desk and read it at work openly. I occasionally talk about God with my co-workers and get to share the story of Narrow Gate when asked about my personal journey. I try to respect my co-workers by not gossiping/complaining or engaging with those when they choose to do so. I want to love those around me well.


Q: How did Narrow Gate prepare you for life in general after the program as well as in the workplace? 

A: Narrow Gate helped ground me and flesh out my worldview. The lens in which I approach everything I experience and every relationship I have. Narrow Gate facilitated a space where I could slow down enough to hear the voice of God, get answers to questions about my faith, grow in understanding of the scriptures, and grow in selflessness and love to those around me.


Q:  What do you love most about the work of Narrow Gate Trading Co?  

A: My co-workers. It was awesome to work with close friends who loved the Lord and shared a common vision.


Q: What is your hope for the craftsman and employees at Narrow Gate Trading Company?

A: My hope is that God will use the challenges and successes that come from being in relationship with people and being a business in a competitive marketplace to give deeper understanding of God’s love for us, the importance of community and prayer, trusting in His sovereignty, and that they would be blessed mightily and reflect the image of Jesus.


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